Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Introduction

Howdy! Bore da! this blog will serve as a repository for things i find interesting. These areas will include, but likely not be limited to, structural biology, virology, LaTeX geekery, computational biology, etc. It may also include thoughts on philosophy, (a)theism, and rantings about the Nobel Prize (it's a tawdry beauty pageant!).

Cross-referencing in LaTeX

So far, my attempts to incorporate cross references in LaTeX documents is adequate, but it seems possible to include wiki-esque usage of links within the PDF output. Thus far, attractive packages include:

  • xr - for Xternal References to other documents (part of the required tools package)
  • smartref - modifies the behavior of hyperref, improving refences across chapters
  • hypcap - relocate the caption anchor to the top of the "float" (part of the Oberdiek bundle)
Incorporating these into the style file improves references over the vanilla \ref and \href commands. Also, creating footnotes of the hyperlink may improve forwards readability should the links go off.